“It’s Life, Paul, But Not As We Know It…”

One week to go. One week to go.

Already! I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain, right? Well, I’m not actually complaining….just stating facts. Bloody teachers: only work for 5 hours a day and get massive holidays.

Well, the big one (holiday, that is) is coming to an end. I’m actually quite looking forward to going back….you can quote that back to me next Sunday evening when I get what is often termed “The Antiques Roadshow Feeling™”…..that pang of anxiety and regret that the weekend or holiday is over and work looms (this only works for UK readers…..for international translation, just insert a soporific Sunday evening TV show of your choice instead of ‘Antiques Roadshow’).

Er…….Anyways, I digress. It’s been a very productive summer (and it’s still not over yet) thus far. Not in ways I’d envisaged though….I had planned to get to work on a new Dementio13 album/ep, but it didn’t happen. Instead, I did the following:

  • Grew fresh coriander in my garden
  • Ate lots of food at some of Cardiff’s finest eateries
  • Went to the Lake District for walks, views and beer
  • Basically lolled about looking clueless
  • Released an ep with Cwtch
  • Got wet in the rain (Britain, it seems, became the set for ‘Blade Runner: The Musical’ during this summer. There is a sign in Dover which reads: “Welcome to Britain – Twinned with Atlantis”)
  • Cycled a bit….one good week, I clocked 67 miles in 7 days…this is very good, for me
  • Watched the rather brilliant Olympics and particularly the Opening Ceremony…made me proud to be British………we won’t talk about the closing ceremony, however.
  • Recorded a series of mixtapes showing my appreciation of DIY/Independent music (and there’ll be more of these)
  • Released, rather sneakily, an ep of Welsh Industrial History-related dubstep and electronica (a first, I think!) with The Reasonable People (which, I’ve just discovered, is being played on Bethan Elfyn’s rather good show on Sunday afternoon, 12pm-2pm GMT, on Amazing Radio)
  • Opened a T-shirt/merchandise store….which I’m quite pleased with
  • Met-up with other like-minded musicians during a rather pleasant day in Cardiff Bay (lots of stout was drank….Drunk? Drinked?)
  • Did a passable cover version of Ian Thistlethwaite’s brilliant song, ‘Captain’….
  • Slept.

What’s next? Well, maybe some more mixes; a purchase or two (I could do with an Akai APC20 or 40 if I’m planning on doing anything live) and some more TRP music. Summer’s not over yet….. plans they are a-hatching.

End of transmission……… x


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