New news….

Well, not really news as such. But an interesting little diversion, that the musicians among you (of which there are plenty) might be interested in. I discovered a site called Mixlr this evening. What Ustream is to video, this is to audio. It allows you to stream broadcasts’ live. I always liked the idea of Ustream, but the logistic/practical issues of streaming video and audio always confounded me. Anyway, this new (I think) site makes things a bit more straight-forward…so, in light of my recent posts regarding live performance, I’m going to practise/rehearse/generally ‘mess about with’ some live broadcasts to get me accustomed to using Ableton Live in a ….errr…’live’ situation as well as some proper improvisation. I’m quite excited by this, as it’s an unknown quantity and anything could happen. Some of the performances could be brilliant, some could be absolute crap….but either way, they’ll be interesting! Whatever, it’ll allow me to try stuff out, to record it and to evaluate…and, hopefully, some of you can share in it. This is where I am:



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