Summery Summary


What. A. Week.

Returned to work and suddenly was reminded of why I went into art education in the first place. What a joy (unusually for me, no sarcasm intended). It’s a job that involves creativity, management, organisation, collaboration, communication, information, sharing: teaching and learning. It’s very satisfying and rather demanding. Anyway, after a six-week break, it’s a welcome return. Still…..I’ve been extremely busy, working all day and then again at home in the evening. But, I have also been able to ‘do’ a bit of music.

The preparations for doing a few ‘live’ streaming gigs on Mixlr are going well. With me rehearsing and re-tweaking some tracks off El Lissitzky and some older stuff. Actually, I’ve tried to enhance some of these tracks: removing some elements on some tracks and beefing-up beats on others. Getting a new perspective. It’s also giving me plenty of ideas for new material (some of which may pop-up in the live streams if I manage to record anything). A really worthwhile experience.

Just a quick update…..end of transmission.


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