U to the P to the D to…….Screw that, it’s An Update, OK?


Well, Summer is segueing into Autumn quite smoothly in the UK. Just as I returned to work, the weather took an (expected) turn for the better in September and so I am typing this with sunshine streaming through my windows and a gentle chill-wind blowing down my flue. The transition from having six weeks of leisure time to a solid 9 to 5 (actually 8 to 7 most days) is never easy, but has been less fraught than expected.

But enough about the ‘day-to-day’; what interesting stuff has been happening? Well, I’ve recorded a little ditty with Laurence Made Me Cry (Cardiff-based renaissance woman, Jo Whitby) entitled “Intelligent Mr Toad”. Two versions exist: v1 will appear on her pending new album. The second version is a little taster of what’s to come and is available as a free download on Soundcloud and Amazing Tunes.

I’m also performing at her album’s release event at 10 Feet Tall in Cardiff (tbc). This is something which fills me with terror, incidentally; but I’ve been wanting to get the music out there in a live environment for ages, so it must be done. Besides, it’s Jo’s gig, so the focus won’t be on me, which is cool! In preparation, I’m going to do some live streaming ‘gigs’ on Mixlr.com, once I’ve got a set together. Am thinking of dropping the name Dementio13 for something more representative, ‘Old Guy With A Laptop’ perhaps. (Not really, just dropped that in for comic effect).

Ideas are brewing for a new album, but this will only come to fruition in the Spring/Summer of 2013 I think.

Also, as you possibly read in one of my previous posts, I’m loving the work of former SK123 originator, Douglas Deep. His new album is sublime (which is not to say it is not as good as lime. I think you could probably make a great Moscow Mule with his music).

And now, a bit of self-promotion. My album ‘El Lissitzky’ seems to be doing ok; though, as is often the case, sales and downloads have tailed off a bit (it has been out for about 4 months, mind). But it’s managed to get plenty of airplay, particularly on Amazing Radio (who have also been playing a fair bit of my alter-ego, The Reasonable People‘s music too) and Croydon Radio (dunno why Croydon in particular, but it’s much appreciated anyway). Anyway, if you like electronic music which isn’t quite dance music, isn’t quite Über-experimental noise, isn’t quite post-rock and isn’t quite ambient; but is somewhere in-between all of those things; please do check the album out. If you buy it, you’ll be partly paying for an Akai APC40, which I think I’m going to need for future projects (especially live stuff)….this is the equivalent of Harry Palmer’s infra-red grill for me (you need to be conversant with the film, “The Ipcress File” to know what the fuck I’m talking about here!).

Anyway, some rather nice Ardennes Pate with apple is calling me from the kitchen, so I’m going to stop here.

Thanks for listening/reading/watching and wearing.


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