“Shut The F**k Up, Donnie!”

Hello. It seems like ages since I posted here…and by my standards, it is ages. But here I am rectifying this wrong-doing (or ‘not-doing’).

It’s that time of year again; the time that my employers gleefully call ‘Departmental Self-Evaluation Fortnight’; but I just call it “a world of pain”. A world I have entered with both feet (for once, removed from my mouth). It’s a world of statistics, of both specifics and generalisation; of positivity and negativity. But most of all, it’s a world of staring blankly at a screen of Excel spreadsheets trying to make sense of it all. Some people exclusively do that for a living, of course. That’s all they do. It does nothing for me I’m afraid; but y’know, ‘horses for courses…’ and all that. Unfortunately, I also teach (which, incidentally, I love), plan, assess, liaise, co-ordinate and attend interminable meetings….leaving little time to do the aforementioned staring blankly at a screen of Excel spreadsheets. So, everything else in my life goes on hold for three weeks or so…everything.

Which has been the case for the last 2 weeks and the following week.

So, no time for music. I’ve not been on Twitter much either…except to spit out the occasional nonsensical sentence or spread the misery! But, as we all know, these things pass. And so it’s with great joy (seriously) that I look forward to getting back in the saddle again and making music. Not long now.

So to my friends, followers and to those who seem to take notice of what I do musically; I say thanks for listening/reading/etc. To those who I have offered my services to remix/mix/record….worry not, I have not forgotten. This work-stuff pays the bills, so I just have to get on with it; but I will be making noises again soon (whether you like it or not!) 🙂

Happy days!


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