Blast From The Past – Stereo MC’s “Supernatural”

Surely the Stereo MC’s album “Supernatural” is one of the most underrated UK hiphop albums. The loops are fantastic and there’s some real funk on there. So much better than the live instrumentation of “Connected”, for some reason.
In ’91, I spent 4 months in Nice; living, studying, working, partying, struggling with my French and I missed British music (at the time, French music comprised Serge Gainsbourg, Jonny Halliday and Les Eponges – The Sponges??!). Me and my campadres tried to convert French clubbers to the Happy Mondays, 808 State, ACR, etc when DJ-ing. They weren’t interested!

However, this track by Stereo MCs was played almost daily on French music TV (M6 I think it was called…can’t remember, for one reason or another!)….it kept me going!
This is a live version (which, frankly, isn’t as good as the album version):


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