Hello Ween

It’s half-term week here in the UK, so my hectic work schedule is on pause, at last. I’ve already started working on production and mixing of Laurence Made Me Cry‘s album after meeting her and collecting the audio files on Monday. We were supposed to meet at the National Museum of Wales, but I’d forgotten it was shut on Mondays. So, the caffeine-peddling megalith which is Costa coffee had to act as a stand-in. We ended up spending more time in there than planned as my backup drive wasn’t working, so a quick dash to buy a pen-drive was necessary. The files are ultra hi-fidelity, so they’re massive! Suffice to say, file transfer took rather a long time. I was psychotic with caffeine-rush afterwards!

TFATD by Rhys Anslow 281012

Courtesy of Rhys Anslow

The night before that I went to see The Fierce And The Dead play at Clwb (Ifor Bach). Unfortunately, we only arrived midway through TFATD’s rather short set, which was a pity. But I did manage to catch enough to know that they’re a formidable live act who play great music with skill. ‘Prog’ rock tends not to be something I listen to, or even particularly like; but despite the rough genre definition, this music is something else. A thing between prog rock, post rock, metal and punk; it also takes aboard influences from movie soundtracks and jazz. Cool stuff. I took a group of friends who I hoped to convert/initiate in the ways of ‘the Dead’. I was partially successful, which was gratifying. I also met two long-time Twitter buddies, Matt Stevens and John Toolan for the first time which was brilliant. Suffice to say, they’re both jolly nice chaps. Matt (TFATD guitarist) has been incredibly supportive in his comments and advice regarding DIY music over the last few years and John runs a (highly recommended) music blog as well as writing for This Is Not A Scene.
The evening made me resolve to see more independent live music, as well as made me ruminate on my own live music aspirations.

I’m starting to get new ideas for new tracks of my own….which is a relief, after a slight hiatus. As per usual, the titles of the tracks seem to come first and I’ve got lots of track names floating around my head. It helps to spur me on when music-making and acts as a starting point. Where it will end, I don’t know. But with titles like ‘Morris House’, ‘Mesnes’ and ‘A Fear of Marsh Green’, those of you from Wigan may recognize them as places around the conurbation. In fact, I’m going up there tomorrow for my quarterly fix of northern-ness (“you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been” etc).

Anyway, it’s Halloween….which actually means absolutely nothing to me. But here’s a John Carpenter-esque older track which you could listen to at the witching hour……..mwahahahaha!



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