Am back in the thick of it. Work, music and life is a right ol’ bag-full at times isn’t it? But it’s all good. At the moment, I’m working as per normal…getting slightly obsessive about the little details while trying to piece together the ‘bigger picture’. I’m also mentoring a student teacher, which is great, as it reminds me why I teach and helps me relive the enthusiasm and energy of my student teacher days too.

Anyway, the music is developing nicely. As you know, I’m working on an album by Jo Whitby (aka Laurence Made Me Cry) and this is proving to be both pleasantly challenging and a joy to participate in. It’s like getting a unique, personal preview of wonderful music which has a fantastic future. I can assure you that the album will be wonderful……a great voice floating above wonderful musicianship and a cool sensibility for a tune. A fair synopsis would be “modern electrical folk”…though there’s more to it than just that.

I’ve also ordered a new bass for my own musical output. Something a bit special to replace my existing low/mid-range instruments. This’ll feature quite heavily on my next release.

Here’s my second version of Laurence Made Me Cry’s “Intelligent Mr Toad” as a taster for the LMMC album……


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