Touching Bass

Today I took delivery of a wonderful bit of design. That being a Rickenbacker 4003. I’ve played bass guitar for 20-odd years, but have had neither the will-power nor the time to master the instrument. As some of my bass heroes are the likes of Tom Jenkinson & Jaco Pastorius, it could be said that I’m ‘falling short’. However, my main bass heroes are Peter Hook, Jeremy Kerr and Jean-Jaques Brunel so, I must say, their novel approach to bass-playing suits me fine. I say ‘novel’ as they each, in turn, kind of re-invented the way bass guitars were used in non-mainstream popular music. Hook, in particular, used the bass to reinforce ‘lead’ melodic lines. In fact, a lot of Joy Division’s and New Order’s songs were centred around bass melodies. The use of the bass guitar as a lead instrument was fairly revolutionary at the time (late 70s).

Aaaanyway, I got this because I wanted a ‘proper’ bass…something that was a bit special, had flexible tonal options (it’s a stereo instrument, with lots of eq and tone variations; as my tracks either utilise the bass as a melodic lead or a deep rumble) and wasn’t lightweight (in physical and metaphorical terms) like my previous £300 basses. It’s also visually arresting, which (to me) is fairly important!

In other news, I’m still working on Laurence Made Me Cry’s album “The Diary Of Me”. It’s taking a little longer than I’d planned, but is an absolute pleasure to fiddle with. It’s a great collection of songs.

That’s all that’s fit to print really…… I’m extremely busy with day-job work stuff; but that’s way too boring to include in this blog!

Have a nice Sunday/week.



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