Just a Thought…

Some people are obsessed. Musicians particularly…….. especially with getting a ‘deal’. Record labels have come and gone….even artistic, influential ones. Gone out of favour or out of business….shame.

But, despite (or maybe because of) the multi-fragmented, confused and slightly-behind-the-zeitgeist music industry; some artists have decided that the best way is the self-directed way.

Still, some still depend on the hope of getting a deal with an established label. Thing is, there are certain factors which determine one’s saleability; genre, age and previously established audience. No label wants to promote someone from scratch……where the audience is virtually zero even though the music is awesome.Also, I would posit that if you’re a 55-plus aged musician playing well-used blues riffs; you’re not gonna get a deal unless you’re a Rolling Stone. People are looking for something different, something a bit out of the ordinary. Let’s face it…… there’s so much music out there, what are you gonna do to make yours stand-out?

Now, that’s the present situation….maybe (and probably) in ten year’s time; the 55+ aged artists will be playing sub-Eno ambient/electronic music and will be equally derided (me for instance). ‘The people who matter’ will be the 20-something bands/songwriters latching onto the latest fad. Those people will get signed.

Your thoughts please.


3 responses to “Just a Thought…

  1. I am hoping that is not the way it will go. I am about your age also and I have considered some of those same thoughts. I have wondered lately if perhaps the “people who matter” from these years will be the ones who were not pop and continued creating purely for the love of it. I might be one they remember and I am sure going to have fun trying. With out that, I have no purpose

    • I agree totally. My point was to advocate the DIY approach (as usual), stated in my usual roundabout, slightly confusing way. We do what we do because we love it; not really to get any deal…… it’s just that some folk on various social-networking sites seem to think that the ultimate goal is to get signed…and then everything will be OK. I think we both know that that wouldn’t be the case. As a solo musician, I tend to get a bit too serious about these matters, though it doesn’t hurt to analyse and question, I guess.

      • Oh! I get what what you mean. I responded because it is a conversation I have had lately with a few different artists. You are so right about record companies picking up the ones who are on the latest fad. All the music is super hyped sound and makes you tired of it in a short time.
        I and many others would so deprived right now if folks like your self stopped releasing music. I would never find any thing to buy!
        Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Cheers to you !
        Keep up the original and creative style. It is truly unique

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