The Gift That Keeps Giving…..

As it’s the time for giving and I’ve been relatively quiet on the ‘making-my-own-music’ front….here’s a free download of a mix I did a while back on my (now gone) Yamaha RM1x. Seventeen minutes of (slightly over-compressed! Which is actually how I wanted it) bleepy, blippy, melodic electronica….play it after Christmas dinner to lull the relatives to sleep! Anyhow, it’s free……

Secondly, I recently recorded a track for Unwashed Territory’s end-of-year charity compilation. It’s exclusively for the compilation album, so no downloads. But I made a little video for it.


There’s a lot going on for me at present, so I may not get another chance to post here before Christmas….so I’ll wish you all a great Xmas and New Year.

Stay loose!


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