This Is Progress

So, I’ve recorded some new ‘stuff’.

Eight tracks so far, which seems like a lot considering most of them have been recorded during the last fortnight. But, I’m writing and recording quickly again (my old modus operandi), there’s a sense of urgency about this, for some reason. Not rushed, just adrenaline-fuelled. The mood and pace of the music seems to be equally so.There’s an energy in me at the moment and that seems to be transferring across to the tracks. So, there’s noise, there are melodies, there are crude and heavy-ish beats. There are also a couple of quieter moments so far. There are sequences and ‘live’ instruments and feedback and atmospheres.

I’ve no idea what you wonderful people are going to make of it….it’s not like my last album, that’s certain.

Anyway, as you see from the post below, I’ve shared a few of the tracks already. Six to be exact…….no harm in that I reckon. Especially considering that I’m planning on this album being a fairly long affair….maybe up to 20 tracks. Anyway, it’ll be out in April (probably) and is entitled “Last Test”.

Here’s the widget to save you the effort of scrolling down….’cos that’s how considerate I am.


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