Last Test: Some Middle-Aged Spread

Ok…… this was unexpected. I’ve put together 10 tracks that I’m rather happy with (and 3 I’m not so happy with). The three tracks are going to be released as outtakes on a free (it couldn’t be any other way) ep on the CutMat Bandcamp page.

The album itself has been brought forward. I’d planned on a Spring/Summer release, as I thought it would take much longer to put the tracks together. But, as it’s turned out, I was hit by the noisy music stick and I seem to have produced enough music for an album. About 45 mins worth; which is long enough I think. Too much can outstay its welcome.

So: the album is called ‘Last Test’…it’s got nothing to do with cricket or the formal assessment of high-school pupils. 10 tracks: noise, quieter and more melodic bits, rawk and …erm…roll. I’m going to be sending out previews this week and will release the album on 1st February. It’ll be pay-as-you-want, as per usual, at Incidentally, there’s a track called “This Is My Mid-Life Crisis And You’re Listening To It” on there. Make of that what you will.

In the meantime, you can check some early previews here.

As usual, all I ask is that you share, tweet, torrent, tell yer mates.

Peace and love (c/o Ringo Starr)


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