Reviews And More Streams and A Mix

This is what bloggers have been saying about previews of ‘Last Test’.

“The opening groove of “A Beat Called Don” will have any Krautrock devotee who has even a passing acquaintance with Neu!, salivating with joy, whilst “Pemberton Colliery”, through a series of tones and electronic textures, takes the listener on a journey through the history of electronic music over the past fifty years.”

“The contrasting music that collectively makes up this latest release from Dementio13 is in no way fractured, indeed “Last Test” is a cohesive work that acknowledges the music that has gone before, and uses that history to create something at once respectful and inspirational. “

(Music To Wash Up To blog)

“This new set from the Cardiff electro all-rounder, Dementio 13, is a departure of sorts. The firing-on-all-cylinders, big beat-flavours showcased during ‘A Beat Called Don’, and the slower in tempo, industrial sounding ‘Really Far Away’ together recall Alan Wilder’s Recoil project, Capricorn, and DOSE. The latter tune cleverly develops into an upbeat number during its second half; as though a very precarious and altogether sinister environment becomes instead a beacon of hope and togetherness. Think Recoil segueing into Surrender era Chemical Brothers and you will, sort of, get the picture.”

(DuklaPragueAwayKit blog)

This is so encouraging and this kind of generous and informed review is so valuable for a DIY, self-promoting musician like myself.

Here are three places you can now preview the new album in its entirety.





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