Counting The News

Seven days until the new release. Am really looking forward to it and have been really encouraged by the initial response to previews. Thanks for all your comments and encouragement. Here’s a good review by John Toolan, who really gets the music. I particularly like the quote: “The contrasting music that collectively makes up this latest release from Dementio13 is in no way fractured, indeed “Last Test” is a cohesive work that acknowledges the music that has gone before, and uses that history to create something at once respectful and inspirational.”

There’s an ‘event’ for the release over on Facebook which you can join if you want….I’d certainly like it.

One of the tracks off the album, ‘Really Far Away’, has been included on the Fresh On The Net ‘listening post’…..a panel-judged playlist of tracks to determine what tracks get played on Tom Robinson’s BBC national radio show. That’s really cool.

Also, I did a little remix for the great Johnno Casson (aka Snippet) which will be appearing fairly soon too.

As per usual, despite a couple of snow-days off, work is hotting up. So I’ll be juggling music with report-writing, marking and parent’s evenings. There’s also a rather cool project I’m setting up with a local graffiti artist and an installation artist with our students, which is exciting. It’s all go…but, despite the fatigue involved, that’s just how I like it!

I’ve contributed some drums to a Pulco track, which may or may not see the light of day. Am also looking forward to rehearsing with Jo Whitby (Laurence Made Me Cry) and James Reichelt (Alone) at a secret location in Cardiff in a week or so. I may also be regularly contributing to a cool music blog site soon too, as an electronica correspondent. Christ, I love music, me!

So that’s all that’s fit to print for the time being. Hope you’re all well and, if you’re in the UK, you’re not too affected by the snow! January’s nearly over and that means Spring’s on the way!


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