Last Test, First Day

So….here it is finally. It was killing me to sit on this, but the album’s been out in the open now for around 20 hours. And what a first day….thanks to everyone who has downloaded it, tweeted it, posted it or recommended it. Special thanks should go to John Toolan (Music To Wash Up To blog); Jim Furey (Sounds Of Solarno), Dukla Prague Away Kit, Mark Whitby and Pete Jackson (both Dandelion Radio) for either blogging about it or broadcasting it. Also, people’s kind words of encouragement have been a real boost. So, all I’ll ask is: please keep posting/tweeting/reviewing/recommending. I have no promotional budget, so I rely on the good-will of listeners to get the music ‘out there’. Miraculously, the music seems to get radio airplay and podcast interest; purely based on word-of-mouth….so, you see how important and appreciated your recommendations are? Vital. Thanks again.


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