This Is The Past

Hello again. I’m enjoying the week (I have the week off) and hope you are too. So far, it’s been a week of music and relaxation, of catching-up with old friends (more meals involved, which isn’t helping my health-kick!) and trying new musical experiences.

Today I did a bit of an overhaul of, which is actually hosted by Bandcamp. Some old albums re-instated and a couple of ‘new’ collections of very early Dementio13 tracks. Take a look, see what you think……. I’d be interested if you find having all the releases on the homepage better than having the individual album page as the site’s ‘front-end’….if that makes any sense!

Anyway, the two retrospective albums are really a journal from 1999-2002 and they may have more significance for me than for you, but hopefully you’ll like the music. It’s mostly mellower, genre-led and a little more lo-fi than my stuff from the last 5 years. Both albums are free anyway, so knock yourself out.


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