All Mixlr-ed Up

Am starting to make headway with the logistics of ‘performing’ my music. As many parts within my tracks are played, rather than sequenced (there are many sequenced bits as well, mind), it’s been a bit of a headache finding a way to actually do something other than just press ‘play’ and let the prerecorded tracks play themselves. There are plenty of artists who just ‘push buttons’; but I want to actually do something and give more of a performance.

I bought an Akai APC a while back in order to partly get around this. Triggering pre-recorded parts and sequences enabled some form of improvisation and difference from the album tracks. But, it’s a bit difficult to play bass and mess about with the APC; not so much of a problem when I’m playing the keyboards and using the APC though.

Anyway… are a couple of experiments, where I’ve ‘played’ the APC and done a few Monotron fiddles. Still working on the bass/APC conundrum, but I’ll come up with something, I’m sure.

Incidentally, here’s someone who has done the multi-tasking thing quite well….a favourite and fantastic musician.


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