Laurence Made Me Smile

Ok, the time has come. Laurence Made Me Cry (aka Jo Whitby) is releasing her first proper album on Monday 11th March. I say ‘proper‘, because it is a proper album in the sense that it holds together well as a whole, but contains plenty of variety. The great thing about this album is that it is a collection of truly lovely songs which vaguely fall under the ‘folk-pop’ label, but is not restricted to traditionally folk-pop conventions. In fact, the sounds on show on the album encompass everything from a kind of neo-soca to glitch and cinematic electronica. This is not just ‘girl with a guitar’ pop; it’s rich, deep, varied and satisfying. You can buy it as a download or CD HERE.

Also, there’s an album launch gig on Saturday 9th March at Bar Buffalo, Cardiff which includes solo performances by some of the collaborators from the album and Jo herself (abetted by Pulco, Alone, Salwa Azar and, on two tracks, myself). 

All great stuff.


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