Reflections and News

As I’m all lethargic and feeling a bit unwell, I thought I’d take some time to update you on stuff that has happened recently.


On Saturday, I briefly performed onstage in Cardiff. Jo Whitby (Laurence Made Me Cry) had her album launch at Bar Buffalo and played almost all the tracks off her rather great new album ‘The Diary Of Me’. I played on two of the tracks, along with James Reichelt (Alone) and Salwa Azar.Now, this was a big deal for me, not only because it was great to be asked to join such an ensemble of talent; but also because I’ve not played live in front of an audience for about 20 years. My music kind of makes playing live, on my own, rather difficult and it’s only during the last few years that I’ve collected the technology to actually consider doing it.

Anyway, it went well and has made me consider doing more, either on my own or with guest musicians.

The gig was a big event for Jo, as it marked the release of her first ‘proper’ album and was the accumulation of her many hours preparation, some personal expense and lots of gigs/promotion. Her organisational skills are impressive. Check the album out, it’s really good (and I’m not just saying that cos I’m on it!)

Here’s a video of one of the live tracks:

In other news, I’d like to say a rather large thank you to all of you who keep downloading/buying my music, sharing links and ‘liking’/etc my various interweb pages and sites. One such example is over on Reverbnation (admittedly a site I don’t use often as it seems to still be stuck in Internet v1 mode….”party like it’s 2006″!). However, I seem to be maintaining a number1 spot in their ‘rank’ for Cardiff and South West electronic artists. People are discovering my music there and on Soundcloud (a better bet for free downloads, remixes and oddities), Twitter and Facebook; it’s cool and much appreciated. This is my latest album, which some people seem to like.

Incidentally, tracks off the album are being played on Dandelion Radio throughout the month and last month’s shows can now be listened back to on their Mixcloud.


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