Hello you. Been a while, but I now have some time to do the things I want to do. Mainly this involves music, family, friends, food and some alcohol. However, I’ve been having a little think about the next release.

On my previous albums (well, for the last two or three years, at least), I’ve been exploring my obsessions: with Factory Records; with Krautrock; with ‘dance music’ (of a sort); and with ambience & noise. All the while I’ve tried to mash things up and deliver a bit of variety on the albums. I think this may change….judging by the way my recent noodles and tests are working out.

The next album, when I start to record it, will be less of a mixed bag I think. I’m thinking electro, unorganic, noisy, beat-laden simplicity and…dare I say it….minimalism. Old-skool, perhaps. Generic, maybe. Possibly recorded using totally different means than previous albums.

Also, the plan is to release three ‘singles’ as free downloads…one a month in the run-up to the new album (July perhaps….maybe on my birthday just for the hell of it). I will, of course, tweet/post the hell out of it in the run-up to the release!

In the meantime, here are some little throwaway tracks I did on my iPad using Retronyms‘ brilliant Tabletop app. I think I’ll be making more use of this in future. The future is simple, the future is mobile. These tracks are nothing to do with the album and probably sound totally different.

In other news, the Laurence Made Me Cry album launch gig went ok. Gave me lots of ideas. Going to see Matt Stevens play on Friday, which will undoubtedly be great.

Anyway…..time to go. That Moscow Mule won’t drink itself.



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