The Wall


Hello again. It’s been an odd couple of months; the transition from Winter to Spring has been hardly discernible here in the UK. The temperature has risen slightly, yes, but the rain and wind hath not abated.

My job is taking up most of my time, focus and energy at the moment and has done for the last month or so; leaving little time for music-making. With this hiatus has come the odd doubt or two and much self-questioning. I’ve done a couple of remixes for people and the occasional ‘live’ mix, etc; but nothing new that could be released as an EP or album.

In fact, when I have tried to write/record stuff, I’ve been really unhappy with it. Yep…I’ve hit a dead-end. Part of the problem has been knowing where to go with my next release. I’ve trawled around my brain (and my music collection) for new ideas and themes, but have come up short. 

Anyway, a symbolic ‘spring clean’ is what normally works in order to give me a spark. So, I’ve downsized my releases; discarded the CutMat Recordings moniker and I’ve re-instated an old favourite EP over at Next I might re-arrange the music room or get rid of some instruments (and buy some new ones).

Anyway: here are the remixes I did recently for Northcape and Old Tramp.

And here’s the re-issued EP of bouncy electro:

I’ve also got a backlog of Cwtch tunes to attend to and a collaboration with another muso; both are being very patient.

I’m still stuck……rather than recording seeming like a new sonic adventure, it seems like an onerous task at the moment. So it might be quite some time before I record anything remotely worthy of release. Or maybe I’ll suddenly be hit by the music bus and record 15 tracks in a week.



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