“Trying To Be Cool”

I like Phoenix. The band, not Peter Kay’s Bolton nightclub. I like their songs and their attitude. They sometimes sound a bit like Steely Dan (another fave) and sometimes veer towards Daft Punk territory….this can only be a good thing. They strike me as genuine also.

So, when I saw that they’d put some stems of one of their recent songs (‘Trying To Be Cool’) on Soundcloud for Soundclouders to remix and reshuffle, I hastily downloaded.

I’ve just spent the last 6 hours or so constructing a mix around the vocal part and a couple of guitar parts. It was fairly straightforward, though the change from 114bpm to 117bpm after the chorus threw me a little. Anyway, here’s the mix….apparently, according to a commenter (commentator?), the bass conflicts with the low piano. Sounds alright to me….but then I do like layers, bits of dischord and noise.

So, here’s my noise-pop mix:

It’s a free download.


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