New Updated News Update

I have made some decisions….oh yes.

As I’ve been recording/re-arranging and re-evaluating quite a bit lately and work is only intense² as opposed to intense³, I’ve decided to release a new album in July. I’ve also got a title, album art and a vague concept (thought this isn’t a concept album, right?!). These things are important to me, as they steer the recording and mixing of the album tracks. That’s how I work.

So, the name of the album is ‘Imperial Decimal’ (nothing to do with Star Wars, I’m afraid) and this is the cover art:


Nice, innit? Numbers and data seems to be a theme that’s running through the tracks at present……data being something I’ve been rather preoccupied with lately, professionally.

Musically, it’s shaping-up to be a tad different from my previous two or three releases; though there are several elements which I guess you could say are Dementio13 cliches!

Here’s a little preview of one of the tracks:

The other decision I’ve made has been quite a difficult one. But one, nonetheless, that needed to be made. The album will still be pay-what-you-want, but there will be a minimum price. Not that I should need to justify this decision, but as a lot of you who read this nonsense (the blog) actually do take the time and effort to download my music (and most of you pay), you deserve to be given a rationale, at least. The money made from my music almost always goes into a fund to develop my next release; whether that be buying new equipment, or whatever. Sometimes, I use it to buy other DIY musicians’ music. In short, it nearly always gets ploughed back into music.

Also, as I get older and my job requires more responsibility, I am finding that I have less time to devote to making/promoting/sharing the music. This time is so precious.

I’ve always been an advocate of free music, even if I’ve never believed it should be free to all and sundry. But times, attitudes and methods change. People are torrenting my music more than ever before, there are free streaming services from Bandcamp, Soundcloud and on people’s phones, etc, so my reasoning is that if people want a higher quality format such as .FLAC; then they can pay.


In other news, Marie Craven and myself are releasing a single as Cwtch tomorrow. The song is called, erm…‘Song’ and, again, it can be previewed on Soundcloud. This will be p-w-y-w with no minimum.

So, folks, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading/listening/downloading/sharing.



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