Interviews, Music and Nonsense

Ok, hello people. It’s a Thursday night and I’m posting a blog…. Thursday isn’t my normal day for doing such things (I’m a creature of habit and like a degree of routine), but it’s been quite a week. At work, we had a bizarre and unfortunate incident which required an armed police presence on the premises, a big deal which thankfully came to a (relatively) happy end. However, wearing my musical hat, it’s all been good. Last week’s airplay on Tom Robinson’s mixtape show on BBC6Music was a real boon. I was beyond happy. Here’s what he said:

“This lovely instrumental (‘Application Of Number’) with its unearthly sampled countdown is a taster from Paul’s forthcoming new Dementio13 album Imperial Decimal due out via his Bandcamp on July 15th on a pay-what you want basis.”

Then his site, Fresh On The Net, published a wee interview I did with them. I was rather pleased with this.

On Sunday (14th July) I’m helping my music buddy Jo Whitby (Laurence Made Me Cry) out with some laptop-based tunes for the rather jolly mini-fest, ‘Folk On The Lawn’, in Tintern. Oddly enough, I work with one of the lovely organisers who came to Jo’s album launch gig and liked what they heard. Small world. That’s Cardiff, a capital city with a small-town feel. Don’t ever go changing, Cardiff.

And, of course, Monday 15th sees the release of my baby, ‘Imperial Decimal’. It’ll be over at as you know.



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