Dementio 13 – Imperial Decimal (electronica)

Fantastic review of ‘Imperial Decimal’ by Oliver Arditi.

Oliver Arditi

self released 2013, DD album, 40m 26s


Imperial DecimalHistorically, the music released under the Dementio 13 aegis has been sufficiently consistent to sound like the work of a single project, but it has also developed and evolved in quite striking ways. The earlier work had a more signally electronic sound, and although it involved some remarkable explorations of texture, was notable more for the way that it manipulated relatively simple melodic and harmonic materials to create a very human, outward-looking creative landscape. It did this from a set of premises that might reasonably be expected to yield a more claustrophobic atmosphere, and to focus on artifice and energy rather than on the broad sweep of emotional life that it made its subject. Although he is clearly well-versed in the forms and styles for which electronic music has become famous since it came crashing into the mainstream, the influence of…

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