Let Them Escape

News: It’s great, is the summer, innit?

I’m on my holidays and things are getting back to how I like them to be. Time; time to make stuff, to reflect, to relax, to travel, to slow things down. Leisurely breakfasts, lunch out, long cycle rides, long walks. And, of course, time in the studio. Prolonged, meaningful time, you understand, not just grabbed hours here and there.

It’s not long since my last release, ‘Imperial Decimal’. Which was an experiment, in many ways, with fixed pricing and I’ve got to admit that it didn’t sell that well. But here I am, not exactly ploughing cash into promotion, gigs or physical distribution, so it’s to be expected. The response from my hardcore listeners, however, has been great and that’s really appreciated…seriously (you know who you are), it’s easy enough to say thanks but not to mean it. I mean it.

The money I have received from that has partly paid for a new synth, so it’s helping the regeneration of my new music. Anyway, I’ve now returned to my old policy of pay-what-you-want. It’s fairer.


The album has garnered some good reviews, all of which are written by people who seem to get it.

Oliver Arditi.com said:

“This record is a sophisticated compositional and creative achievement, which represents human experience in the round, as something both atavistic and enculturated, both emotional and intellectual, both raw and cooked. Dementio 13 does all this without demanding anything more than close, attentive listening…”

Music To Wash Up To:

The opening ‘Application of Number’ in particular gives the listener the slightly disconcerting yet secure sense of their own past, and of memories not quite yet forgotten, but not quite fully remembered.”


” ‘Our Policy on Swearing’ is characteristic of how Dementio13 can manipulate mood and outlook within a single piece.”

Dukla Prague Away Kit:

” ‘Jester’ is so fresh it still has the cellophane round it. Dropped over the weekend, it’s part of a wider collection set for release in July that’s to be called Imperial Decimal. Jester comes across like a playfully sinister assault. One can picture it soundtracking some sinister goings-on…”

Many thanks to those bloggers who have written about it or, in fact, broadcast it. Tom Robinson of BBC6Music, Fresh On The Net blog and, of course, a seasoned and successful performer in his own right, played ‘Application Of Number‘ on his mixtape show a few weeks back. Mark Whitby and Pete Jackson at Dandelion Radio continue to lend their remarkable support of my music on their August shows also. I’m thrilled that people actually want to play this stuff.

Anyway. onto new music. I’m currently working on new tracks and these will form an album which will be released before September. Yes, I know….it’s a quick turnaround; but once I’m in the zone, I really do obsess about recording. The provisional title for the album is ‘A Quiet Suburban Corner’ and there’s no concept as such….other than to make electronic noise in a tuneful way. Also, there’s going to be no endless tweeting, posting or whatever about the release. I may mention it in passing on here, or on my Facebook page, but only once. Myself and, I suspect, everyone else are sick of the endless stream of “listen to my music” posts by all and sundry on social media. It’s DIY music’s one nagging issue….how do I promote my music for nowt? However, I think the days of social media as a promotional tool have largely passed. Some people do it really well, but they’ve already grown their fanbase on Twitter, etc years ago and they were ‘the pioneers’ of sorts. But now, there’s too much noise, too many people shouting and that’s off-putting…for me anyway. You may have a different take on this; you may like the diversity it brings; you may only discover new music on your platform of choice and so value it. But I think it’s all got a bit too much. It happened with MySpace (remember that?) after The Arctic Monkeys/Lily Allen/etc broke through and it’s happening on Twitter now.

The benefit of Twitter has worked in other ways however. Without it, I wouldn’t have met (for real and virtually) many great musicians, or collaborated, remixed and reviewed. I wouldn’t have been able to get radio play and be reviewed without that. Also I wouldn’t have reconnected with old friends who I haven’t seen for years. So, that for me, is where the positives lie.

So, as I always have said: I’m just going to let the music escape. No shouting.

Cheers for reading, if you got this far.


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