To Kill An Hour – New Album Imminent

I’m currently engaged in the laborious process of uploading the new album (that’s ‘A Quiet Suburban Corner’ in case you didn’t know) to Bandcamp. As this means I need to stay by the computer to make sure the site doesn’t time-out on me, I thought I’d post the album tracklist.

As you may have read on here, if you’re a regular reader (there are a few…thanks), I won’t be endlessly tweeting or posting on Facebook about it. In fact, apart from some occasional broadcasts and Mixcloud mixes, I won’t be referring to it at all on social media platforms……well, maybe one post just to say that it’s been released, but that’s it….honest. The main reason for this is that I am acutely aware of the promotional ‘noise’ of other musicians and bands created on those platforms. I’m not disrespecting these artists; it’s just that I don’t want to add to the overall congestion. If you’ve downloaded my music before, you’ll know where to get it. I’m also hoping you’ll like this one enough to tell your friends about it.

So, firstly, a little bit about the album. It’s got an overall concept, yes. I tend to feel that an album without a story is just a collection of tunes, like a random iTunes playlist. The concept isn’t deep and meaningful; just a starting point, a signifier if you want to call it that. But where the music takes you in your head is up to you, innit? Anyway, as always there’s some biographical stuff in there, some random filmic stuff and some noisy weird electronic stuff.

Actually, this album’s more electronic (as in synthesisers and shit) than previous releases. There are very few acoustic/electro-acoustic elements to it, other than a bit of bass playing on one track. The rest is analogue and digital synthesis, a bit of sampling and heavy effects. Most of the melodic elements were played ‘live’ (ie: not sequenced) into Ableton though there are some arpeggios that were programmed and the squelchy bass lines also. Oh, and drums.

So, this is the tracklist, fourteen tracks may seem a bit excessive, but that’s just me:

1. A Quiet Suburban Corner

2. Dog Run

3. An Evening With Neville Bartos

4. Sonics

5. It Happened There

6. Lava Lamp 1

7. Wishes In The Dishes

8. The Betrayal

9. Wigan Or Las Vegas

10. Lava Lamp 2

11. The Day It Rained

12. Gardens

13. Viflektor

14. Klaatu


Alternative titles are:

1. “The Intro”

2. “The Squelchy One”

3. “The D&B Meltdown”

4. “The Droney One”

5. “The Gnarly One Which Bites You Halfway Through”

6. “Tangerine Dream Blues Nightmare”

7. “The Deep One”

8. “The Twinkly One”

9. “Another Squelchy One”

10. “A Bass Frequency To Shake Your Bowel”

11. “Speed Up, Slow Down”

12. “It’s Melodic, It’s Slow; So It’s Melodic Downtempo, Right?”

13. “Four To The Floor”

14. “Jesus! Track 14?”

(As I type this, I’m only up to track 5 with the uploads. Sigh.)

Here’s a picture of the cover art:


Nice, isn’t it? Everyone loves a barbeque.


I did a short preview ‘broadcast’ on the other night, featuring 5 or 6 of the tracks. You can listen again, or for the first time, on my MIxlr page or on Mixcloud. Actually, Mixlr is underused by many musicians, I feel…..certainly by me. So I may start a fairly haphazard and irregular series of podcast-like transmissions of my own (everyone else seems to be doing it!): y’know, featuring other people’s music. Unlike a podcast they’ll be ‘live’; I’ll be playing the music I want to hear, both established and upcoming music.

Also, on the subject of other people’s music here’s some tips for summer/autumn:

  • Big Block 454’s Colin Robinson and Plum Flower Embroidery’s Richard Knutson come together as Churn Milk Joan for a new album (out soon). Catch their previous releases here.
  • Pulco‘s recent, and prolific, output….fantastic stuff.
  • Ian Thistlethwaite‘s great album of folky electronica, or is it electronic folk? I never can remember.
  • Laurence Made Me Cry…you know all about her if you’ve read my blog before. But this album is a doozy.
  • Also Matt Stevens and his band The Fierce & The Dead have got new stuff coming out in the near future. I’m hoping to catch him on his upcoming solo tour. This is a recent live album to whet the appetite.
  • Northcape released a new album recently, I’ve had the pleasure of remixing his music in the past. This album is really accomplished electronic chill-out.
  • I recently had the honour of reviewing this album by Snippet  (aka. Johnno Casson). Not only is he a great songwriter, but he’s also a great thinker-about and champion of independent music. DIY – You can read the review here.

Well, I’m up to track 9, so I’m making some progress. The album’s out on 17th August (ie: soon!!!) at and it’s free/pwyw. That reminds me, I had an interesting, erm…”discussion” with a ‘successful’ musician on Twitter the other day about the folly of free music….I disagreed with his thesis that free music was killing the music industry…… hmmm, I think I’ll leave that for another post, perhaps.

‘Til next time…..








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