MonoStereo Returns (this time it’s live)!

A few years ago I recorded a series of totally DIY podcasts entitled MonoStereo. Basically, they were showcases for independent artists’ music and ran as a monthly series which you could download on iTunes, etc. People seemed to like it, with some decent download figures on iTunes particularly. I often solicited for music I liked and sometimes artists would contact me to ask for airplay. I was nearly always obliging and played a majority of everything that was sent to me.


The problem with this approach was that there was no ‘filter’ as such. Some music which (if I’m honest) I didn’t really like got included in the podcast and I became a bit dissatisfied with the whole thing. Incidentally, there were several artists who I played who’s music I really did like….but I should’ve just stuck to them! The podcast ended after about 6 episodes.

A year or two ago I joined Mixcloud and resurrected the idea with some mixes of my favourite music. I also used it (and still do) to promote my own music.

Well, now I’m au fait with Mixlr and thoroughly enjoying it’s “radio for/by everyman (and woman)” ethic, I thought I’d go a step further and make a little show of my own, entitled, yes…MonoStereo Radio Ham. Except this time, it’s going to be just the music I like; from established and unestablished/independent artists. See it as me asking you round to my house to listen to a new album I’ve bought…it’s about sharing the experience and love of the music. Of course, because it’s just music from my library, it won’t be to everyone’s taste. But I’m hoping there will be enough variety for people to find something interesting. I’ll be playing none of my own tunes, by the way.

Style-wise, it’ll fall somewhere between Freak Zone, John Peel and Tom Robinson’s mixtape show. Without any of their brilliance, I may add! I’ve had a couple of run-throughs and seem to have worked it out.

Because it’s live, there will be lots of mistakes, no doubt. Also, because I’ll be making the playlist up as I go along, there will be no playlist as such. Such folly. I will, however, ‘scrobble’ the tracks afterwards on and then publish that, so you’ll be able to see what was played, in what order and at what time….and also get links to that music on’s massive database.

It’s a listening party, it’s ad hoc and 98.7% spontaneous. You can join me on Tues 27th August between 8pm and 10pm (UK time) on my Mixlr page. Please come, or else I’ll be sat talking to myself in a darkened room and that’s just plain weird!


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