Cut Out And Keep

Hullo again. What have I been doing with the dying embers of the summer fire? Well, unfortunately, working. Well, I say “unfortunately”; but I’m actually feeling very energized and I do 95.76% like my job, so I can’t complain. But in between work and life, I’ve been acquainting myself with some new musical equipment. The best way to do so, I feel, is actually use them rather than poring over hot instruction manuals. So, here are some test tracks which I had great fun making. Free to download in WAV format.

Do enjoy.

Also, I’ve been doing some transmissions via the wonderful basically playing other people’s music. It’s very liberating and fun to share….like a listening party but with heaps of different music. Well, actually, you could say, it’s like the radio. I’m on at 8pm (UK time) every Tuesday at

You can listen again on Mixlr or Mixcloud




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