Music Worker

I’m writing. Yes. I’m writing! Posting, typing, writing!

It’s been a while. Due to the post-summer comedown, a burglary attempt and heaps of work-related stuff which has eaten my weekends and spat them out. However, I’ve not been completely idle on the music front.

I’m at the tentative early stages of recording a new album. Not one of those “too urgent to wait” albums of spring/summer 2013; but an album which is going to slowly grow and mature like ….er…….mould. There’s no rush.

This mellower, less harassed, attitude to recording is the way forward for me I think. I’m normally driven (that is: intense and a tad obsessive) to get things down ‘on tape’, as it were, before time is snatched away from me by the joys and the vagaries of life. This time though, I’m going to take it easier. Not be idle, but just evaluate more and pay a bit more attention to detail.

I’ve also enlisted some help. Thus far, I have four other artists involved in some shape or form; providing lyrics, vocals, instrumentation and production. This thrills me no end, as I often have a very clear ‘image’ of what an album will sound like and how it will progress. But this time, there are going to be quite a few unknowns….and I like that element of chance.

I won’t say who the other artists are just yet. I’d rather we just get on with it and then release the details closer to the album release. Suffice to say, they’re varied in their styles and I respect them a lot.


I’ve been taking time out from social media these last few weeks. Not entirely, you understand, but I have certainly cut-down on my daily usage. This isn’t to devalue the friends I’ve made on Twitter and Facebook; I still interact with those people on there and by other means. But the arbitrary mood-swings, the occasional misanthropy and the general ephemera which you occasionally glimpse (incidentally not contributed by the aforementioned friends) on both networks had become a bit oppressive. Like reading the Daily Mail.

Besides, it wasn’t productive…..y’know, nothing was made.

One place I have been able to interact and create has been on Tumblr, via the wonderful Hipstamatic app Öggl on me iphone. I’m enjoying posting random pictures I’ve taken, as opposed to random thoughts I’ve had. The pictures are much nicer to look at.

Anyway, I think my grocery delivery has arrived, so I’ll depart.

Until next time…..


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