Vertical Take Off and Landing

It’s November. My last post was quite some time ago, though it has to be said that the time seems to have gone really quickly. But I’m sitting here on a wonderfully crisp, sunny Autumn Saturday, with some news to relay. It’s getting near ‘new album time’ ; which normally means February/March. That seems to be part of my pattern……A February release and an August release ( though I’ve not even started to consider that yet!).

Anyway, this one will be a little different from my previous recent albums and eps in that it’s a collective effort, mainly comprising of collaboration tracks and one or two solo efforts. This is really exciting for me, as I really enjoy working with Marie Craven as Cwtch and the various remixes I do for other artists; so it seemed logical to work with others on the next album.
Anyway this approach seems to have really paid off, as there are some excellent contributions and some quirky surprises as a result. It still sounds like a Dementio13 album (I think), but with new flavours and textures. The same, but different. There are also some fairly crackling bits of electro and acid on there….and some quasi-pop.

There’s no firm release date as yet, though, as I mentioned, it’ll be around Feb/March. Also, some collaborators are still working on tracks; but I can give you a rough run-down of the individuals who have contributed so far.
Marie Craven has provided some lovely disjointed spoken-word segments; Johnno Casson (aka Snippet) provides a rollocking electropop ditty; Juanita Alvarez ( aka Nita Disaster) recites dark and emotional poems over gritty electronica; James Reichelt (aka Alone) provides guitar and some beats on a progressive, drifting electro track and Douglas Deep has contributed almost an entire track of rich, deep ambient techno. There are others too, but they’re still works in progress.

The album will be entitled ‘VTOL’ and will be available at as a PWYW download. More news to follow…….end transmission.


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