Waiting For ‘VTOL’

Croeso! Three weeks or so to go until the new album release and I’m starting to post stuff around about the interwebnet in order to coax people into listening! There are a couple of previews on Soundcloud and AmazingTunes at the moment and more will follow. Just a few tunes at present as I don’t want to spoil any surprises that some of my regular listeners may get. But, suffice to say, the contributions by Alone, Snippet, Nita, et al are fantastic and I’m so pleased and flattered that they all agreed to appear.

The wait to release is the worst part of the whole release process really. For me, anyway; as I really want to get it out there. But patience is a virtue (and patients is a waiting room) as the old northern proverb goes.

In the meantime, I’m asking, nay urging, you to help me out by sharing links to tracks, mixes and videos as much as possible. Word of mouth is vital.

Here are a couple of videos for my tracks, created by Marie Craven.

and here’s some fractal movie strangeness from my old friend, Neil McCann

In other news, Mark Whitby will be playing a track from the album in his February show (streaming throughout Feb at various times at Dandelion Radio) and he’ll have a live session from Nita Disaster and myself on his March show.

That’s all that’s fit to print really. Hope you are all well and your January has been good to you. Thanks.


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