VTOL Cover Art and Tracklist

Here’s a little preview of what the album is going to look like.

Only two weeks to go now……



Photos kindly donated by my collaborators.


Oh, here’s the tracklist too.

1. Creased

2. Finish Line (Nita Disaster & Dementio13)

3. Stelian (Douglas Deep & Dementio13)

4. Genes (Alone & Dementio13)

5. Pollution (Nita Disaster & Dementio13)

6. Puzzles

7. Alcohol (Snippet & Dementio13)

8. A Shallow Grave

9. Rodeo Days (Pixieguts & Dementio13)

10. These Days (Nita Disaster & Dementio13)

11. Self-Doubting Thomas (Ian Thistlethwaite & Dementio13)

12. Theme Four (Alun Vaughan & Dementio13)

13. Bondage Bus


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