Six Days

So, this time next week ‘VTOL‘ will have been released and you may have downloaded it for free, or even paid for it. Either way, that’d be great. To say I’m a small ‘operation’ would be an understatement: no paid promo, no big-time press, no notoriety. What I do have is the generous support of patrons, broadcasters and reviewers. People, without whom, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. Or maybe I would, but I wouldn’t have an audience! So, many thanks to those people, some of whom appear on the album.

What I will say is, if you plan to download the album, please get it from instead of from torrents. I don’t really have an objection to torrent sites; in fact, I used to suggest that people put my music up for download, just to spread the word a little. However, having seen my music on those sites, poorly tagged, incomplete and with no other information or credits available, I would recommend that you get it from the one reliable source, which is my own site. Also, each download via Bandcamp contributes to promo, so you’re doing your own little bit in helping spread the word. If you like the music, you can share links, etc via the Bandcamp download page.

That’s just a little request from me.


John Toolan of Music To Wash Up To has written a review of the album. He was very complimentary and seems to get what I’m trying to do with each new release.

“…an album that is peppered with a disparate number of collaborations, which, through thoughtful production and track listing, form a high-tech narrative, which can almost, to these ears, be thought of as urban film music for the twenty second century. “


Dementio13 has now built up a reputation for releasing some truly innovative album projects that encompass the qualities of Krautrock, ambient electronica and pop culture, and pieces them together to create some unnervingly sophisticated music. ‘VTOL’ on first hearing is, thankfully, no exception.”

Nice words. I’m well pleased with that.

It’s these kind of comments which cement my belief in what I do and in this album’s case, with other musicians. I make the music I want to hear and try to stay true to my DIY ethic. That’s the only way, isn’t it?

Finally, here’s a new video by Marie Craven for my the album-opening track, ‘Creased’

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the album.



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