So, Here It Is: ‘VTOL’

Today, I released the album ‘VTOL’. It seems like ages since I started recording, collaborating and mixing, but has only taken around 4 months from hatching the idea of making a collaborative album to actually releasing it.

I’m rather proud of it and to work with so many understanding and talented artists was a joy. Many thanks to them for helping make the album a reality.

Anyway, it can be downloaded (pay what you want) as usual, from

Also, there are a number of places you can stream it, if that’s more your thing.

On Amazing Tunes


On Mixcloud

On Soundcloud

You can also listen to the preview mix (full album) on

Also, don’t forget that there’s a live session by myself performing tracks from the album with Nita Disaster throughout March on Mark Whitby’s Dandelion Radio show.

There’s been very vocal support on social media, for which I’m eternally grateful. And, if you’ve downloaded the album, many thanks. If you download for free, all I ask in payment is retweets, shares, likes, reviews, blogs, etc….it all helps to spread the word. Thanks.




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