Vertical Take-Off

The ‘VTOL‘ album has been out for just over a week and I’m very happy with the response so far…..a few good reviews and some radio play on BBC Wales and Dandelion Radio. The album was a good few months in the making (relatively short, especially for a collaborations album) but thanks to the work and efficiency of my collaborators, it all went very smoothly.

Anyway, if you’ve downloaded it, many thanks again. I never expect anything from my albums and I’m always really grateful that people actually like it enough to download it, let alone actually buy it! Having said that, I know my collaborators’ own music is really good (do check them out; see links below), so things couldn’t really go wrong! “Success” is relative and, for me, just getting an album made is an accomplishment.

Please could you keep sharing and recommending, as this has switched-on a few new listeners to my stuff. I rely on that as a means of spreading the word.

Here are links to the VTOL artists:

Douglas Deep –

Snippet –

Pixieguts –

Ian Thistlethwaite –

Nita Disaster –

Alone –

Alun Vaughan –


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