Another Chapter

It’s been a while, I know. I’m afraid life took over my creative side for a while and time has been at a premium as a result. So much so, that I’ve hardly been able to post on social media, let alone here. While I’m fairly dedicated to my day job, I do resent the amount of personal time it takes up…..whole weekends of stultifying paperwork and planning, etc. You get the picture anyway….I wouldn’t be a teacher if I didn’t whinge about it once or twice!

But anyway, now’s the time I start to reap the rewards as it’s summer, if you hadn’t noticed. Hope the weather and the vibe is as uplifting wherever you are as it is here.

So, to the meat of the Dementio13 news sandwich. And I say this with relish (SWIDT?): I’m working on new music; a piece of news which has become a parody of itself….the independent musician stating that they’re working on/thinking about working on something new.

But I am and I think it’s important to tell you this in case you forgot about me during my internet silence!

So, what am I doing? Well, it’s an album….or of album-length anyway. Er, so….an album. I have a preliminary title and cover art (now there is a case of putting the cart before the horse!) and it’s mainly going to be a solo effort…though I do have a couple of surprises in store in the form of a tasty collaboration or two on a couple of tracks. People who can really bring something to my music…a different dimension….exciting. Also, it’s probably going to be less ‘song’ and soundtrack orientated and more electronic and repetition-based, if my experiments and demo tracks are anything to go by. Though, of course, as is the way, that could all change!

I’m getting to grips with (almost) an entirely new studio set-up which has been quite a learning curve….lots of hardware synths, analogue kit and voice transformers. In fact I’m almost completely moving away from computer-based composition; only using Ableton to record master tracks and electro-acoustic instruments. It’s all boxes now…silver ones that go bleep and squelch, and hardware sampling.
The music is going to be about nothing in particular…..just rough narratives. That’s the plan anyway.

Anyway, no doubt, now I have some quality time on my hands, I’ll be keeping you informed of its progress via this blog. You’ll be sick of me by the end of the summer, at which point I’ll shut-up again for three months!

If you have downloaded my music, any of it, thanks. Do be sure to share and recommend it to your friends or, if you haven’t got any, your pets.

Take care.


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