Update! What’s Up and New Music

Hullo again, it seems like ages since my last post. I say “seems”, but it actually has been ages.

The new music, to which I’ve alluded on various social media platforms, is progressing very slowly, but progressing nonetheless. It’s a particularly slow process this time around as I’ve rather masochistically decided to change the way I record and produce the music. This has meant that I’ve had to re-learn quite a bit of stuff: new techniques, new methods, new equipment and a new mind-set, I guess.

Why would I do this? You may wonder. While I’ve been happy with my last few albums, I realised that I was running out of ideas and tracks were beginning to sound similar, to me; the same sounds, the same way I structure tracks, the same effects racks. Some people may call that a ‘signature’ sound; but I see it as ‘too convenient’. I managed to partially avoid this on my last album, VTOL, by enlisting lots of help from talented musicians and songwriters. However, a change has to come and I’ve purchased new equipment which will enable me to ditch the laptop and still travel fairly light and also allow performances to be ‘more live‘ (yes, I’d like to do some live stuff eventually).

Another reason things are taking a long time is that I’m back at work and it’s going to be a bit more pressured than usually this year. I’m not very good at ‘stealing’ moments to record; I don’t like finite time-frames to record in as, in those circumstances, I tend to rush things and cut corners. So an hour here and there isn’t going to do it for me. Awkward bastard that I am!

I am also working with a couple of collaborators, one of whom I’ve wanted to work with for some time. The other being Marie, my long time collaborator in Cwtch and contributor to VTOL.

I had made a point of not sharing any of the new finished tracks before the album release (well, a bit of mystery doesn’t hurt)……. but I did want to share one track with it’s co-creators: Marie Craven (the voice) and Rachel Dacus (the words). So here it is (it’s a version, but not the final album version). It’s also a free download. I can’t embed the Soundcloud player when posting from my iPad, so just follow the link.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Be good.


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