It is indeed busy. Between 12-13 hour days of day-job, walking for miles and trying to get music done in-between (oh, and get on with life stuff), I’ve seldom had time to update this blog or send mail updates, etc. In fact, where ‘promo’ is concerned, I’ve taken my eye well off the ball. Not that promo was ever a strong suit, but y’know, I did bits here and there. Anyway, screw it, I’m here now.

Been energised, despite workload/fatigue, by some great music, films, interviews I’ve read and stuff. It’s all mostly out there in the mainstream, so probably won’t be a major discovery for most of you.

Firstly, musical ‘hero’ (if I could be said to have any) Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin released a fairly-well hyped album, ‘Syro’, a few weeks back; his first in 13 years. It’s probably his most accessible to date and it does seem to reflect a certain maturity which has seen him undertake a few well-circulated interviews (a rarity). The music bounces along, acid-tinged and with less atonal/dissonant content. Even the beats are relatively sedate. It has touches of his earlier techno and acid influenced music and some of the music on the ‘Ambient Works’ volumes.

As part of the admittedly fairly-restrained build-up promo, James was interviewed a couple of times. One for Strange Visitor/Pitchfork, one for Rolling Stone and one with Noyzelab. As you may have noticed, the link to the last one doesn’t work and, it seems, the interview’s been pulled. Pity, as that extremely long and extensive  interview was probably the one that gave the most insight into his kit and his working methods.

I have, of course, been working on my own music….a bit frustrating at times, as always, but moreso than normal. I’ve had to re-learn a lot of stuff regarding the way I come-up-with, arrange and record my music. I forced this on myself as a way to change the way I work, so the music would sound different from my past stuff. However, it’s coming along well and each track I record is starting to grow on me. Expect words like: collaboration, quirky, bouncy, synthetic, acidic, psychedelic, analogue and free-flowing. Well, if you asked me to describe it, those are the words I’d use anyway. In the meantime, I’d also recorded a whole load of tracks which were part of the learning curve and were originally intended for the album. However, as the newer recordings progressed, I could see that these earlier tracks didn’t quite fit and were a bit rough around the edges. Still, it seemed a shame to waste them, after all, they’re not that bad! So, I put them up on Soundcloud as free downloads (320kbps MP3). So, if you fancy some free electronic music, help yourself.

Here are some pictures also…..a few are rather pleasant and document the change from summer to autumn inside and outside the studio.




IMG_4593 IMG_4602 IMG_4606

Steve Kelly (aka Douglas Deep) has been DJing over at Boxfrequency fm (Mondays 10pm) on a weekly basis for a couple of months and his shows are turning out to be crackers, with guest DJs and live performances. Definitely worth checking out at Mixcloud for past shows. Inspiring.

Another former collaborator (and current collaborator!), Marie Craven, has been busying herself with various video projects. She’s taken the words of poets, sometimes reading herself and created little vignettes. She’s been kind enough to include my music on quite a few of these. Atmospheric and quite lovely. Watch Here. (Can’t embed, sorry).

Anyway, just thought I’d share some stuff and all that.

Stay safe, bean-buglers.


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