That’s The Sound Of Silence You Hear.

I’ll be honest, I’ve not got much to say. In fact I’ve been keeping a very low profile on social media overall recently. Just the occasional inconsequential tweet, or whatever, about banal stuff or supposed ‘new tracks’ which I’ve been inevitably unhappy with after living with them for a few days. I’ve mainly posted because I feel that I should occasionally touch base with those people who I befriended on various platforms, who I share interests with, who are funny and who have sometimes turned out to be collaborators and jolly decent people.

I originally joined Facebook and Twitter and laterly Ello ( hello?) to promote my music, but ended up engaging with people who I could happily have a pint with. Thus, the half-arsed electronic music cliche of being the aloof anonymous producer/mad scientist was eroded!

But with little music of any note being produced since the last album and a work schedule which is high-pressure and all-consuming; I literally don’t have much to say (except to say that I don’t have much to say!). I also seem to be returning my attention to past releases and occasional minor victories.

Anyway, I’ve decided to let music take more of a front seat again. Time-management and focus will see me making tunes again. It’s a need. And due to life commitments, I’ve let it slip; thus creating a gap, where I couldn’t vent my (limited) imagination. I should have more will-power, so now I’m gonna exert that and get on with it. I have the luxury of being so, er…. ‘niche’, that I can take as long as I want. But this is a bit of a handicap as well, as it means I also have more time to procrastinate. Having no deadline is the worst possible thing for me.

So, anyway, that’s why I’ve been quiet: work and ‘other stuff’.

I’m glad to say that my ever-growing and more refined studio is just about finished and ready for action. I’ve acquired some kit which I used to own in the early days which facilitated some intuitive ways of working, but I had to get rid of them when times were hard or I wanted to ‘upgrade’. These bits of kit (classified as being inbetween ‘vintage’ and ‘brand-new’) have given me new zest. It would be simple enough to knock out some tunes in Ableton, as I know that well. But I want to do things differently as I’ve been tending towards working to a formula. I need to shake it up.

So, if you’re interested….expect some new tracks, no proper previews until release time, a streamlined and rationalised Soundcloud profile and, yes, more silence on soc-net!

Soundcloud will be used for free downloads of session tracks, unreleased stuff, etc so I’ll be taking down all the old album tracks and remixes which are available for sale elsewhere.

Anyway, self-indulgent ramble over. Hope you’re all well and enjoying stuff.


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