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Hello, it’s been a while. So now, with the summer ahead of me, here’s a missive for you to ponder, peruse and maybe ignore.

Been working on a few new tracks which will see the light of day in the next few months. Probably as a full length album (and some bonus stuff….more about which, anon).

I’ve changed some stuff around on my Bandcamp site and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. As you know, my music has mostly been pay-what-you-want over the years and this seems to have worked quite well in getting new listeners and getting my stuff ‘out there’. People have paid for the music by choice and have shared, etc….. And I’m really grateful for this. I don’t really expect anything from my music: money or noteriety. So it’s really a bonus and very satisfying when people do download my work. I’m hoping to release actual physical albums, etc in the not-too-distant future and this will take cash. So I’ve started to try to make the Dementio13 project more sustainable (on a very limited scale, for that is my scope: I’m niche-er than niche!), thinking more in the long-term. 

Virtually all the money I make on music is ploughed back into future releases; whether that’s buying new kit, subscribing to web services, etc. My full-time job pays fairly well, but life often takes its financial toll so I’m finding it less easy to chuck cash around on bits and pieces of kit, promo, or whatever. Therefore, I’ve set all my releases as pay-what-you-want, but with a minimum of £1. This could either prove to be semi ( quarter?) – professional suicide or a good way of sustaining progress, development, ideas, whatever you want to call it. My thinking is that, a pound is pretty reasonable; £5 will buy you five albums. Whereas those loyal purchasers who buy every release, often pay in excess of £5 for one album.

However, there is an alternative too. Bandcamp have started a rather tidy new subscription service, whereby listeners/fans can subscribe to artists for a set fee and receive all future releases and back-catalogue items as part of the price. This is rather cool, I think. 

So, my new subscription service is up and running: pay £12 or more for a year’s subscription and you will receive all future releases for no extra cost. You will also get 8 of my back-catalogue albums/eps to download plus lots of extras: the first extras being two albums of my early, pre-internet, music. In future, there will be previously deleted albums such as the ‘Snackshack‘ ep, ‘Suburbian‘ album and lots of brand new live mixes and performances. You will have exclusive access to these as a subscriber. 

Hopefully, the income will be substantial enough to help fund merch and physical releases. Incidentally, subscribers will get 20% discount on these too. Subscribers would be solely responsible for making my music self-sustainable and enabling independence.

So, what do you think? I guess, my ultimate answer will be in the uptake. These things tend to be a bit trial and error, there being no definitive answer for any one musician/band; so, we’ll see. My musician friends may have ideas about this, or may have tried it or something similar; so may have some insights. Anyway, please take a look and subscribe if it appeals. Thanks.


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