One Week: ‘The Dark Science’ album release 28th August

The freedom of summer has allowed me to virtually complete an entire album in the space of two months. There have been a lot of re-writes and re-records, but it’s finally finished. I will probably look back in a month’s time and think “I should have done this or done that”, but for now, I’m happy with it.

I’m asking you to come on a journey……from post-industrial South Wales to the cinema, via the dark satanic mills and eerie pastoral landscapes of Lancashire and Cumbria. All places that have been haunts for me over the years. When I say “the cinema”, I mean the British cinema tradition of producing some genuinely sinister horror and sci-fi in the 60s and 70s (and the BBC showing these on TV in the 70s and 80s), either pastoral or dystopian. Mix all this up and you might get a flavour of the album.


It’s not pastiche, but hopefully conjures some images. Incidentally, these are the images I came up with for the cover art.

This was the first one:


A bit too literal and a bit too cheesy I think. Part paper, part digital collage with an imagined scene from an imagined movie.

This is what I’m using:

Dark Science Cover1

(Sorry, couldn’t resist the Peter Saville-esque colour bars!)

Anyway, I often talk (write) too much about my music and motivations so I’ll shut up. Hopefully, you’ll like the album enough to download it (minimum of £1).

Here are a couple of previews, one of which is a free download on Soundcloud (and eventually on, for that is where you will be able to download the album).

Thanks for reading….be safe.


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