New Album, Subscriptions, Sharing and Streams

On Friday, I released new album ‘The Dark Science’. It’s a mixture of mostly cinematic, melodic electronica, with some more acid-infused upbeat tracks intermingled. Initially, I was going to charge £1 for it (like all the other albums on my site now), but decided to offer it for the first week for free/pay-what-you-want. So, now’s probably the time to download it as it will be a paid-for download from next Friday 4th Sept. (Incidentally, I’d like to thank Steve Kelly for his invaluable advice and opinions on the tunes when I was having an ‘earmelt’. Go check his music at his Bandcamp).

I’ve mentioned subscriptions before, but I’ve lowered the price of a year’s subscription to also. So now, for just £5, with VIP Membership you can get the new album, twelve other albums or EPs (Editor’s note: I’m nothing but prolific, eh readers?!) plus three previously deleted (i.e. unavailable to anyone else) albums. I’ll be adding some other stuff to the bonus items as time goes by; such as the long deleted ‘Nita Disaster’ EP, which personally, I think is jolly good. Nita contributed some great spoken-word to my ‘VTOL‘ album and the earlier tracks on the ‘Nita…’ EP are our formative collaboration which got quite a bit of airplay at the time (around 2008 if I remember rightly). I’ll also be posting the live sessions I’ve done for Dandelion Radio as part of the package. If you’re a regular downloader of my music, subscription may be a good option.

Paying for, or subscribing to, the music will help fund possible physical releases in future, as I venture away from the virtual world and into reality (gulp).

vip grab

Also, please do tell your friends about my music if you like it (or even if you don’t!). Sharing on social media and by word-of-mouth does make a difference, honestly.

The new album is available to stream on Soundcloud, Amazing Tunes and a few tracks are on Reverbnation too. That gives you lots of options to stream on various devices. You can tell that I’m eager for you to hear the stuff, can’t you?!

Anyway, thanks for supporting my little music project. Here’s a little video of me pushing buttons and twiddling knobs ‘live’.

To conclude, if you learn anything from this post and if I’ve learned anything from being a teacher, it is “use italics and bold text when you want emphasis”.


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