Playlist, Interview and Sundry Items

I’ve just put together a playlist of some rather nice tunes which I’ve either recently discovered, or have admired for some time, over on Mixcloud.

It features new stuff I’ve been impressed with, such as Julia Holter and Battles; as well as music by the rather fantastic Jumble Hole Clough, Manfred Hamil and Ian Thistlethwaite. I’ve tried to put it together as well as I know….hope you can find the time to enjoy it.

Here’s the LINK as I still can’t seem to get Mixcloud to embed on WordPress.

This week, I also did a short interview with In Bed With Maradona blog; talking music, influences and taking a rest from music. As I’ve said before, it’s great when people take an interest and want to share information. Click the link in this paragraph to read it. Thanks to John Dobson for that.

To finish…here’s a photo of a spider’s web.


Have a great week.


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