Resolutions. I’m not very good at them. It’s not that I don’t want to make them, or stick to them. I just rarely do.
However, if I’m going to make one New Year’s resolution this year, it’s going to be “to make more resolutions.”
This last year has been a trying one: the demands of work, or rather the demands I put on myself at work, have taken their toll. This has paralysed any real creative activity I would normally have engaged in….particularly, music. But also my writing and visual artwork.
A few months ago I stated that I was stopping making music as I was finding it hard devoting time to it and that the ideas weren’t forthcoming. I was a bit hasty, and mistaken. In hindsight, music wasn’t the problem…it was my mindset.
So, I’m learning to manage that and doing it fairly successfully. I’m re-learning to live by the mantra that I always used to live by: Do It Yourself; Make Music For Yourself; Make Time; Stop Worrying.
That perhaps oversimplifies the issue, but those things are clear to me now.

So: Resolutions.
Well, this is what I’m going to aspire to:

  • Make music every day, even if it’s not obviously productive. One hour minimum.
  • Listen to more music by other (unsung) artists.
  • Use social media less; but post more to the blog (yes, I’ve been very remiss with this, this year).
  • These things are vital, as they will have a wider effect on your life. Without creativity, what is there to do?

So, with this in mind, I’m going to release another album around Springtime, April or May perhaps.
I have a title, “Zero Year Zero” and a few ideas. I’ve stuck a couple of provisional tracks on Soundcloud, but that’s not to say they’ll make the cut.

And here’s some music by others which I think you should hear:




Ok, I’m off to record some music.

Have a very happy 2016.


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