Dead Of Night, etc

Hi, I’ve been fairly busy musically, so here’s a brief update on recent goings-on.

Last weekend I released a five-track EP called ‘Dead Of Night’. The people who have downloaded it have said nice things about it and that’s a good enough endorsement for me! Anyway, it’s available at for free download or, if you’re feeling flush/generous, you could buy it.



There’s a free download of a radio edit of one of the tracks on Soundcloud too, along with lots of other free stuff there.



Prior to releasing that, I completed a few remixes of Picturebox songs, from his new album, ‘Songs Of Joy’. I can report that the album sounds fantastic and if you can imagine an XTC, Badly Drawn Boy and Robert Wyatt fusion, that’s what you get. It’s thoroughly recommended and downloads & CDs are available on his Bandcamp from 13th May. My remixes will be released later.



I also completed a little interview thing for The Mu’s Mu Who’s Who podcast (Mu’s Mu = ‘Musician’s Musician’….see?). Well, it was more of a monologue really, where I drone on about my music and the current state of things for a bit, with lots of music interspersed. It was fun to do, so if you’re curious, give it a listen.



In the not-too-distant future, I’ve got a couple more remixes lined up and my ongoing collaboration with Marie Craven, called Cwtch, will be resurrected.

If you like any of this, why not come and like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter.

So there you are. Hope you’re all good. Cheers



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