All New Super Fast-Acting Formula!


It’s been a while…..I’ve been busy. So this is a little missive to just update you on what’s been happening with Dementio13 and what is about to happen.

Expect a new album in November, or thereabouts. Entitled ‘Broxen’, it’s still in the development stage at present, with about a quarter of it to go. I’m not going it alone either, as it contains some collaborations with the great and the good: Jo Whitby (Laurence Made Me Cry), Colin Robinson (Big Block 454 and Jumble Hole Clough), Robert Halcrow (Picturebox) and Steve Kelly (The Shed Collective/Douglas Deep/Macerator/Manfred Hamill). This is very exciting for me and I hope your appetite is whetted by the thought of what these folks will bring to the party.

Anyway, by way of a preview, here’s a solo slice of acidic breakbeat called ‘In Patterns‘:

The album will contain some bonus tracks, amongst them; my version/remix/whatever of Squarepusher’s ‘Midi Sans Frontières’. Though you can get it now over on Soundcloud too.

I’ve been busy with remix work as well; a couple of which I’ve not shared on here yet, so here they are:

I’ve got more remixes and collaborations in the pipeline too….which is nice.

Almost finally, here’s a little foretaste of upcoming Cwtch tracks which I’ll soon be working on in more detail with Marie Craven over the coming months.

Lastly….. here’s a little ‘interview’ I did fairly recently in which I talk the usual bollocks:

Don’t think I’ve missed anything out……

Have a good one.


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