Broxen Beats

So, 5th November is here. Which means I’ve released the new album ‘Broxen’ and been able to share it with you at last. It’s been a different process from previous albums in some ways. I’ve actually planned this one and it was recorded at a time when I was under a bit of a cloud, creatively, and I was rather over-worked. So, instead of rather rapidly recording, mixing and releasing, the album’s been gestating for three or four months.

I decided to collaborate with some trusted and admired musicians on this one too (similarly with my album ‘VTOL’ a few years ago) as I needed creative boost and there’s nothing like the surprises and accomplishment that collaboration brings to help motivate and make. They did some great work.

As for the music itself, it’s probably a bit redundant to try to explain or describe it; it’s probably better to just listen. But I will say it’s a mixed bag of styles and influences and probably more accessible than previous releases. I’ve relied less on noise and trickery and stuck to a more straight-forward way of recording/arranging. There are some almost-danceable tracks in amongst there too. I used very little in the way of software and computer manipulation and a majority of the tracks were build up as patterns on hardware, hand triggered and recorded directly onto a multitrack digital recorder. The more ambient tracks were just played directly into the recorder and built up layer by layer.

Anyway, please do give it a listen, more than once if possible. Feel free to download it for free and spread the word.

Many thanks.


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