Recent Additions

Spring is here and, as is my way, I’ve posted/re-posted some music over on Bandcamp in celebration of the new lack of early-morning darkness and the warmer temperatures. Some years ago, I released an album of soundtracky tunes that I was quite proud of at the time. The mixture of electro, trip-hop and odd little tunes somewhere in-between didn’t work too well, for me, on later listening and I decided to pull the album and sit on it for a while. That “while” turned out to be about 6 years.
Last month, I gave it another listen and decided to re-order the tracks, remove some of them and add some other unreleased tracks. So it’s now up on Titled Rebop/Reboot (the original title being Rebop), it’s available as a release for subscribers only and fills a little gap in my back-catalogue.

In 2001/2002, I was part of a band, for want of a better word, called Sal Boca. Slightly obsessed with DJ Shadow’s Entroducing, Portishead’s eponymous album and Goldfrapp’s first album; myself and Neil McCann set about making some tunes for two mutual friends, Claire James and Caroline Moore, to sing on. I was living in a tiny flat on Roath Park in Cardiff at the time and had a studio, of sorts, in the corner of my living-room. It consisted of a second-hand PC with an Awe64 soundcard, a controller keyboard, a bass guitar and a mic. I’d go into more detail about how I’d spend endless hours making samples, cut-ups and creating patches using raw waveforms on such primitive equipment, but I’ve actually started to bore myself, let alone you.
Anyway, over the period of a couple of years, we wrote, recorded, remixed and refined our small catalogue of 7 or 8 songs; the results of which can be heard on a mini album. It exists mainly because I’m quite sentimental, but also because it reminds me of where I’ve travelled from, musically and sonically. When I originally posted these on ( yes, that again), way back, they became some of my most listened-to tunes. So, they are available as a subscriber-only download too: updated, upscaled, etc.
So, there you are. New old stuff.

Thanks for reading, as always.



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